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Hotel Chicago Rotterdam

In 2021 Hotel Chicago Rotterdam will open on the Wilhelminapier, behind the renowned Hotel New York. It will be the third hotel by WestCord Hotels in Rotterdam. Read more about the building, its facilities and location.

Hotel features

  • 182 rooms, of which 18 long-stay apartements
  • Located on the Wilhelminapier
  • 'Floating' swimming pool
  • Westers Bakery
  • Start of construction in 2019
  • Open in 2021

Q&A Hotel Chicago Rotterdam

What is the idea behind the design of Hotel Chicago?

The unique design of Hotel Chicago comes from Annete Bos, architect of Team V Architecture and was devised to improve the quality of life of the Wilheminapier. By placing two buildings an open plan gets created, allowing a green living environment between all high-rise buildings of the pier.

By making the building and facilities as accessible as possible, Hotel Chicago creates a place where non-hotel guests are also very welcome. The hotel will have a neighborhood function and should be an enrichment for the inhabitants of the Wilhelminapier. The plinth is kept open as much as possible and commercial spaces are created with public functions.

What is the sustainability aspect of the hotel? Will be built according to a certain quality mark?

The construction does not take place according to a quality mark, but we strive for a building process that is as sustainable as possible.

Where does the name Chicago come from?

The Wilheminapier developer, Riek Bakker, has divided the pier into various plots. These have all received names from large world cities with an important port. The plot behind Hotel New York, where there is now a parking lot, has always had the name Chicago. It was therefore natural to name the hotel after it.

Hoeveel kamers zijn er straks in Hotel Chicago?

182 rooms, of which 18 long-stay apartements

Are there distinctive elements in the interior that can already be told about?

There will be big hotelrooms, boutique style and actually a bit like Hotel New York. The public areas have an open character. The long stay apartments will have facilities that belong to an apartment. The style of the interior can be described as ‘urban chic’. The ground floor has an open plan with a lobby, reception and Bakery Westers.

How many parking spaces are available under the hotel? Are these for hotel guests and staff only or can residents or other guests park their car there too?

There will be a two-level public parking garage under the hotel that is available to guests of Hotel Chicago, Hotel New York, but also for visitors of the Wilheminapier.

What ind of food and beverage outlets will the hotel have?

Bakery Westers is located on the ground floor. This is also the breakfast room of the hotel and
will serve as a daytime restaurant with a terrace where you are also welcome to work on your laptop, a meeting place for the neighborhood and a green environment.

On the square between the two buildings is a terrace that belongs to Westers Bakery. The terrace will become a green space between all high-rise buildings on the Wilhelminapier.

The roof terrace is being built on the tower closest to Hotel New York. The choice for a roof terrace is because it was not there yet and you have a nice view over the Maas from that spot. The rooftop terrace also has a public function where non-hotel guests are welcome. Drinks and snacks will be served there.

What will be construction of swimming pool be like?

The two buildings will be connected to each other by means of a ‘floating’ swimming pool which will also be the eye-catcher of Hotel Chicago. This pool is part of WellCome Wellness located in the hotel.

What is the height of the hotel? Can you look over Hotel New York from the roof terrace for example?

The height of the buildings is almost the same as Hotel New York. You can not overlook Hotel New York. From the roof terrace there is a view over the Maas between Hotel New York and the World Port Center.

Which shops will be located on the ground floor Hotel Chicago?

That is not yet certain, but the commercial spaces must have a public function.

Will there be any green in the plans of Hotel Chicago??

The square that lies between the two buildings of Hotel Chicago becomes a green space with a terrace. Between all high-rise buildings of the Wilheminapier, this should become a relaxation place with lots of green that is currently not there.

When will the construction of the building start?

Construction is likely to start in the third quarter of 2019 and will take one and a half to two years.

Impressions of Hotel Chicago Rotterdam

Hotel Chicago Rotterdam on the map

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