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General information

Check-in & check-out


Check in is possible from 15.00 P.M. In case we have rooms available before this time you can check in earlier.


We kindly request you to check out before 11.00 A.M. If you would like to check out after 11.00 A.M. we will charge the late check out fee of € 25,-. Please contact the reception for availability.


Breakfast is served in café zero on the ground floor. If you haven’t pre-booked your breakfast the costs are €16,50 per person. It is also possible to order room service, the extra costs will be € 7,50.

Breakfast times

Monday until Friday: 07.00 – 10.00 A.M.
Saturday and Sunday: 08.00 – 11.00 A.M.


The hotel has got a storage space next to the front desk where you can temporarily deposit your luggage.


Roomservice is available from 17.00 P.M. until 21.30 P.M. and the charge will be € 7,50 per delivery. Please contact the front desk for any orders (number 9 on the phone).

Direct contact

You can contact the reception 24 hours a day, by dialing number 9 on the telephone in your room. There is a receptionist from 07.00 A.M. until 23.00 P.M. During the night there is night porter present at the reception and they will answer your questions.

Bike rental

You can rent a bike at the reception. Costs for a half day are € 7,50 and costs for a whole day are € 12,50.


Additional information

Car rental

If you wish to rent a car during your stay at the hotel you can ask for more information at the reception.


Your room has got air-conditioning facilities. You can arrange the temperature of the air supply yourself.

Lost and found

If you find any belongings in the hotel or in your room please bring these to the reception. If you lost anything please contact the reception.

Doctor / dentist

If you need medical help, please contact the reception by dialing number 9 on the telephone in your room. If you wish to contact the general pratice yourself please dail 0900 – 112 7 112.


Pets are not allowed in the hotel. If you arrive unnoticed with pets we have got the right to deny you access to the hotel and we may charge you a cancellation fee.

Forgot anything?

At the reception we have several items available such as a toothbrush, razor blades and shaving foam.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is available for free throughout the hotel.

WIFI: WestCord hotel Leeuwarden

In the Plaza of the hotel you will find a computer with free access to internet.

Post- en overige berichten

Incoming mail will be handled with care and will be given to you as soon as possible. If you have mail you wish to send please hand it in at the reception.


If you wish to order a taxi you can contact the reception by dialing number 9 on the extension in your room. Please provide the reception with your name, room number and the amount of people.


We offer you the possibility to use the dry cleaning service. You will find the pricelist and laundry bag in the closet of your room. If you hand in your laundry before 08.30 A.M. you will receive your laundry back the next day. This service is available from Monday until Thursday.

We also have laundry service, if you hand in your laundry before 08.30 A.M. you will receive your laundry back the same day. For more information you can contact the reception.

Wake up call

You can ask for a wake up call at the reception or you can program it yourself on the television in your room.


Television is available in every room with a great number of channels. Without difficulty you can choose the program you desire. Please note we don’t have pay TV but you can watch canal digital for movies. It is also possible to choose from several radio channels on the television.


There’s a minibar in your room, this minibar works with an automatic system. As soon as you take a drink or a snack out of the minibar, you will be charged automatically. The bottom drawer is for personal use.

Room key

Your room key is a key card. This key is to be kept with you and to be handed in at check-out. Take into account the fact that the keycard is sensitive to magnetic fields. If the card is kept too close to a magnetic field, such as a mobile phone, the data is extracted from the card. Possibly rendering the keycard useless. The room key is also the necessary for the power in your room. The holder can be found next to the bathroom door.


At arrival you will settle your account, with a credit card (Visa, American Express, Euro-/Master Card), PIN card or cash. All other extras must be paid at the departure.

Public transport

There is a bus from and to Central Station: Bus number 70, 71 and 97 pass regularly, the ride to Central Station lasts approximately 5 minutes. Departure times can be asked at the reception. The bus stop can be found at the Heliconweg, on the left side of the road.


As a guest you can park with us for free on grounds B2 and B3, based on availability. Exit tickets are available at the reception.


Smoking is not permitted in the entire hotel. In the event of a violation of these rules, the hotel will charge a fee of € 150 per violation.


At night there are extra towels and bath robes available at the reception for a supplement.


A babybed is available for € 10,- per day.


There is a possibility to order flowers. For more information you can contact the reception. Please note that delivery is limited on Saturday and not possible on Sunday.

Extra pillows and blankets

There is one extra pillow in the closet. For extra pillows and blankets you can contact the reception.


Towels on the ground are replaced.


Your room will be cleaned every day. If you wish to receive extra towels during your stay, please contact the reception by dialing number 9.

 Iron and ironing board

You can find the iron and ironing board in the closet of your hotel room. You can use these free of charge.

 Hair dryer

Every room has a hair dryer, present in the bathroom of in the closet in your room.


A safe is available in every room. Use of the safe is possible by choosing your own pin code. To make the use of the safe easier for you, here will follow the user instructions:

If you have a safe with a top cover, then enter the 4 digit code and press LOCK. To open the safe you press the 4 digit code, the safe will be open again.

If you have a safe with a door, then enter the 4 digit code and press #.There will now appear ‘closed’. To open the safe you press the 4 digit code, the safe will be open again.


You will find a telephone in your room. You can contact the reception 24 hours a day; you can do this by dialing the number 9 on the extension in your room.

For an outside line dial 0. The costs are € 0.45 per unit. These costs will be charged automatically to your room bill. For international telephone calls first dial 0 for an outside line and than dial the country code.

Reception                9
Landline                  0
Other room              1 + last 3 digits of the room number
Emergency number    0 112

Collect call               199

If you call 199 directly, you will be forwarded to an operator. Then you can choose if you would like to make a collect call or want to have the costs deducted directly off your credit card. The operator will inform you further about the costs to the various countries.

You can contact the reception 24 hours a day; you can do this by dialing the number 9 on the extension in your room.

Safety instructions

Fire safety

In every room you will find an emergency plan. Do not panic in case of fire! Report the fire at the reception by dialing number 9 on the telephone in your room. Try, if possible, to extinguish the fire your self with help of the fire hose. You will find one in every hotel corridor.

In case of fire never use the elevator!

Security cameras

At several places in our hotel you will find cameras hanging. These guard over your and our security. Every visitor of the hotel agrees to be recorded by our security cameras. In case of calamities these recordings will be shown to third parties as supporting material.


It is forbidden to take hotel property outside of the building. You will be held responsible for repair and/or renewal costs in case of damage to our property. Deposits or your credit card details may be used afterwards in case of not reporting damage yourself.

Emerengy exits

In case of fire you must use the emergency exits. These are permanently illuminated and marked clearly. On every floor you will find emergency exits, escape plans and emergency stairwells.

First aid kit

A first aid kit is available at the reception. Our reception personnel is trained in giving first aid.


It is forbidden to possess, to use or to deal illegal drugs inside the hotel room, public areas, bar and restaurant. If it is discovered that you do, you will be removed from our hotel immediately.

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