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WestCord Hotels is located in some of the most beautiful places in the Netherlands!

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Terschelling consists of pure nature...

Why visit Terschelling?

On Terschelling you will find dune valleys, forests' salt marshes, a more than 30 kilometers of beach and bay Dellewal: the only natural bay in the Netherlands. On the east side of Terschelling is one of the best preserved large natural areas in Western Europe. A unique area in the Netherlands!

Hotels in Terschelling


Ameland fascinates from start to finish...

Why visit Ameland?

Ameland consists of heaths, pastures and woods where you can see deer walking! The north coast of Ameland is a vast dune area with a 27 km long sandy beach. The Ameland beach is among the top 5 most beautiful beaches in the Netherlands.

Hotels in Ameland


The island of Vlieland is refreshing...

Why visit Vlieland?

Across the sea and far from the turbulent world, there is Vlieland. You get around on foot or by bike. Cars are not allowed for non-residents. A sense of calm prevails. Beautiful sandy beaches stretch on the north side along the length of the island.

Hotels in Vlieland


Garderen... vakantiebestemming op de Veluwe

Why visit Garderen?

Garderen, surrounded by woods, shifting sands and heath, was once a farming village is now a popular holiday destination! The 14th century tower of the Dutch Reformed Church and the 19th-century flour mill 'De Hoop' towering high above the village and were used as beacons for fishermen in the Zuiderzee.

Hotels in Garderen


Amsterdam, the sizzling capital of the Netherlands

Why visit Amsterdam?

Of course Amsterdam is known for its beautiful canals, bridges and the many cozy restaurants, cafés and terraces. A portion of the canal is even on the UNESCO World Heritage list. But Amsterdam has much more to offer! Visit one of the many theaters, world famous museums and countless galleries on the Amsterdam canals.

Hotels in Amsterdam


Discover the history of Delft...

Why visit Delft?

Delft is a city with history and a special relationship with the Royal Family. Stroll through the pedestrianized town: narrow streets, picturesque canals, quaint boutiques and beautiful buildings.

Hotels in Delft


Leeuwarden: proud capital of Friesland, the north of the Netherlands

Why visit Leeuwarden?

See the hotel and events in Leeuwarden and foto's of this historic city! The center of the Frisian capital is only a 15-minute walk away from the WTC Hotel Leeuwarden, where hundreds of monuments, museums and nice shops can be found. It's also part of the reason why Leeuwarden was ‘European Capital of Culture’ in 2018! Below you will find lots of tips and activities in Leeuwarden..

Hotels in Leeuwarden


Raalte... in the heart of Salland

Why visit Raalte?

Raalte is located in the heart of Salland. The unique village is centrally located between Zwolle, Hengelo and Deventer. The historic villages, farms and landscapes set the scene of Salland. Raalte you avoid the hustle and bustle of big cities and you can enjoy the lush and peaceful nature of Salland. Raalte offers a warm and rich center.

Hotels in Raalte

Why visit Rotterdam?

Welcome to Rotterdam! Young, international, surprising city on the water. A city that continues to renew itself rapidly. At each visit has expanded its already impressive skyline again.

Hotels in Rotterdam

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