True gems with a unique link to Dutch history!

Hotels 'by WestCord'

When guests visit one of the ‘by WestCord’ hotels and say, “I never realized this was a WestCord hotel”, we know we achieved our goal! It is clear that all our hotels offer the same high level of quality, service and comfort, but some have such unique stories that they are a brand in their own right.

When WestCord Hotels took over Hotel New York in Rotterdam in 2006, it was evident that the hotel would not be rebranded. The rich history of the building – being the former headquarters of the famous Holland-America Line – was so compelling that there really was only one option: protect and preserve!

The same was true when in 2013 the ss Rotterdam was acquired. This 1950’s iconic steam liner which used to be the flagship of – again – the Holland America Line, didn’t need anything else but its own name and legacy!

Over the years, three more such gems were added: Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam, The Market Hotel Groningen and Hotel Arsenaal Delft. The first two however newly built, the latter dating all the way back to 1601…

True gems with a Dutch story

Hotels 'by WestCord'

Find out more about the ‘by WestCord’ hotels and dive into their rich (hi)stories… You won’t be disappointed!


Hotel New York

Located in the iconic former headquarters of the Holland-America Line, dating from 1901, this historic landmark was given a new purpose with the opening of Hotel New York.

Despite numerous improvements, the is still reflected rich history, shaped in part by the migrants who embarked on a new adventure: a life in the land of opportunity: America!

The 72 historical rooms and suites, each have a unique style and layout. The main restaurant and bar, often referred to as ‘the living room of Rotterdam’, serves a variety of typically Dutch pastries, lunch and dinner.

A more recent addition is NY Basement, a speak-easy-style cocktail bar and fine dining restaurant.

Hotel New York 'by WestCord'

ss Rotterdam

This former flagship of the Holland-America Line sailed from Rotterdam to New York on its maiden voyage in 1959. When it retired, Rotterdam was keen to preserve it. After endless restorations, it opened as a hotel, meeting & events center and museum.

The hotel has 254 guest rooms and suites, each unique in shape, décor and color. Today the ball rooms and dining halls are part of the meeting & events center. Main restaurant Lido also has an outside terrace, where guests can enjoy views of the ship and the Rotterdam skyline.

Walking the decks and stairways of the ss Rotterdam is an experience in itself. However, you can explore more during a guided tour featuring the engine rooms.

ss Rotterdam 'by WestCord'

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam is the first energy neutral built and operated hotel in the Netherlands. Every corner of the building has spectacular views of the surrounding water.

It is located on Java Island, from where the Ocean liners of the former Netherlands Steamship Company (1870-1970) departed to the, then, Dutch East Indies. The location and history are similar to that of Hotel New York in Rotterdam.

The interior, including the boutique style rooms, breath the historical ties between The Netherlands and Indonesia, which are still very present in Dutch daily life. Restaurant ‘Café Jakarta’ pays tribute to this by serving Dutch-Indonesian food.

The indoor tropical garden is planted exclusively with plants and trees that actually grow on Java in Indonesia.

Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam 'by WestCord'

The Market Hotel Groningen

The Market Hotel is located on the site of the former Willem Albert Scholten house. Scholten – the first Dutch industrial multinational – was mainly involved in agriculture, but he was also an investor in what later became the Holland-America Line.

This historical fact connects The Market Hotel to two of our other hotels ‘by WestCord’: Hotel New York and ss Rotterdam.

The hotel, situated on the “Grote Markt” in the heart of Groningen, has 123 luxury guest rooms and suites. It also features a bar – named ‘Willem Albert’, two outside patios, a wellness & fitness center and a ‘Bakkerij Westers’ (bakery).

The Market Hotel 'by WestCord'

Hotel Arsenaal Delft

Delft, home to Vermeer, is often referred to as mini-Amsterdam. It has equally beautiful canals and historic buildings. One of which: Dutch National Monument ‘The Arsenaal’, literally arms store. It has a history dating back to 1601. Weaponry, spices, cotton, coffee and Chinese porcelain were stored here. The latter lead to a great imitation variant: the world famous Delft Blue!

Arsenaal Delft is home to history! Each brick tells a story and each window shows a different past. Every footstep in this rediscovered icon brings you closer to the origins of Delft, one of the oldest Dutch cities.

Hotel Arsenaal Delft has 63 boutique style rooms, a fine dining restaurant and a historic courtyard. Immerse yourself in some of the controversial stories and dream dreams under characteristic beamed ceilings.

Hotel Arsenaal Delft first opened in April 2022!

Hotel Arsenaal Delft 'by WestCord'

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