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FAYR Cosmetics

WestCord Hotels cares! So we decided to launch an eco-friendly range of hotel cosmetics, named FAYR.

FAYR has an eco-formula and is enriched with organic argan oil, a beauty elixir and and a must-have in cosmetics. Thanks to its antioxidant, emollient and nourishing properties argan oil has a deeply hydrating power which regenerates and repairs the skin.

The FAYR range of products, consisting of shampoo, body lotion, body wash and hand soap, are exclusively provided in the rooms of all WestCord Hotels.

FAYR products

Find them in all of the WestCord Hotels

Bath-shower wash

Shampoo • Hair conditioner

Body lotion • Soap bar

FAYR by WestCord

Why we play it FAYR?

Eco formula

Parabens free
Mineral oils free
GMO free
Ethoxylated free
NOT tested on animals


no single-use packaging
packaging of recycled materials

Exclusively at WestCord

Enjoy during your WestCord stay
From organic argan oil
Made in Italy