Hotel Noordsee

Hotel Noordsee

News - WestCord Hotels sells Hotel Noordsee on Ameland to Dunavast

Leeuwarden, March 20, 2024 – WestCord Hotels is pleased to announce the sale of Hotel Noordsee on Ameland to real estate developer Dunavast, effective March 27, 2024. The hotel, which has been part of the WestCord portfolio since 2002, has occupied a prominent position in the hospitality sector on the island.

Hotel Noordsee, located in the picturesque village of Nes on Ameland, is known for its 56 hotel rooms and 54 apartments/suites. With amenities such as a bar, restaurant, terrace, swimming pool, wellness facilities, and meeting rooms, the hotel has a rich history of welcoming guests from around the world.

Harry Westers, director and owner of WestCord Hotels, shared his thoughts on the transaction: “Hotel Noordsee has been a valuable part of our company for nearly two decades. We cherish the many beautiful memories and successes we have experienced with this hotel and are grateful for our guests’ loyalty. After extensive planning, we have decided to shift our focus and invest elsewhere in the Netherlands. We are confident that Dunavast will continue to operate the hotel with dedication and wish them great success with their future plans.”

The sale of Hotel Noordsee marks a new chapter for both WestCord Hotels and Dunavast. While WestCord Hotels continues to pursue its strategic objectives, Dunavast will carry on the hotel’s legacy and explore new opportunities to make it thrive within the local community and the tourism industry.

Aart Jan Verdoold, CEO of Dunavast, adds: “With the completion of this transaction, we are proud to add a property like this to our real estate portfolio. The hotel will undergo renovation/sustainability improvements, after which it will shine again as a modern family hotel on the popular island.”

For the operation of the hotel, an agreement has been reached between Dunavast and Fletcher Hotels. As of March 27, 2024, the hotel will continue under the name Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Noordsee-Ameland. For inquiries, you can contact