A meeting location surrounded by nature!

Leonardo da Vinci & Shakespeare

Leonardo da Vinci & Shakespeare

Hotel de Veluwe is located in the village Garderen, near the Veluwe, in the middle of the woods.

The combination of the Leonardo da Vinci and Shakespeare rooms creates a spacious room, which can accommodate up to 110 persons in theater set-up. The room has daylight and has free wifi and is suitable for u-shape, carré, school and meeting set-ups.

In addition, this room is suitable for u-shape, carré and school set-ups. The hotel has a large parking space.

You can combine your meeting with an outdoor activity in the beautiful area around the hotel. Sporting activities in the woods, workshops, tree climbing or a barbecue on the terrace.


Hotel name
Hotel de Veluwe
Salon name
Leonardo da Vinci & Shakespeare
Up to 125 persons
Surface: 175m2
Possible layouts
Free wifi