Meeting in the most beautiful part of Vlieland

Vliehors- & Waddenzaal

Vliehors- & Waddenzaal

Spacious and large hall, a combination of the Vliehorszaal (named after the 20 km² large sand area and nature reserve on Vlieland; Vliehors) and the Waddenzaal.

Combining these 2 rooms creates a spacious room that can accommodate 150 people in theater style. In addition, this room is also suitable for a school set-up.

Strandhotel Seeduyn is located in the most beautiful spot in Vlieland: right on the sea. The murmur of the waves can be heard during the meeting, meeting or gathering!

You can also enjoy the other options in the hotel: a culinary 3- or 4-course dinner in restaurant Entre deux mers, an informal dinner in the Brassery or have a nice drink in the Vuurtorenlounge or ‘t Badhuys: the beach pavilion that a few minutes walking distance from the hotel.

It is also possible to book meeting packages, see the banqueting guide.

Hotel name
WestCord Strandhotel Seeduyn
Salon name
Vliehors- & Waddenzaal
Up to 150 persons
Surface: 204m2
Possible layouts
Free wifi
Free wifi