Diversity Fashion Week in Fashion hotel

January 4th, 2023

Have you already seen the beautifully dressed mannequins in our lobby? This is thanks to Diversity Fashion Week.

We are very proud to be working together with them. But what do they do and what do they stand for?

Diversity Fashion Week is a non-profit organization from Amsterdam. Twice a year they organize a fashion show that offers a platform to everybody. It’s all about inclusivity and diversity on the runway.

The company is founded by Sensemielja who has a lot of experience as an international model. ‘’The key is to make a statement for people that are diverse,’’ she says. The business has grown exponentially the past years, with a focus on representation of people of color, plus size models, people with a handicap and a range of sexual orientations and gender expressions. A beautiful vision to incorporate in this ever changing and growing industry of Fashion!

Diversity Fashion Week has often held several castings at WestCord Fashion Hotel, how cool is that? In addition, various designers dress the mannequins in the hotel with amazing fashion items. These items are changed again after a certain time, so there is always something new to look at! More information about the relevant designer can be found in the lobby near the mannequins, the items are even for sale.

At this time, our mannequins are dressed by designer Udoka Ejiofor. He is from Nigeria and designs garments for men, women and children. He loves using bright colors and interesting prints. With this collections he wants to show that everyone can rock bright colors and challenging prints.

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