Unique museums in Amsterdam

Discover the most unique museums in Amsterdam! 

Amsterdam, the vibrant capital of the Netherlands, offers a wealth of unique art experiences. In addition to the well-known classical museums, Amsterdam is also home to several innovative and emerging museums that are well worth a visit. In this blog you will discover the 4 most innovative and trendy museums in Amsterdam.


STRAAT is the world’s largest museum dedicated to street art. Located in the impressive Lasloods in the NDSM-wharf, you will find immensely large artworks that will expand your worldview. If you also like street art, you can indulge yourself here. But this museum also offers a broadening experience for non-street art fans. This unique museum pays a tribute to street art and provides the ultimate urban feel.


Amaze is more than just a unique museum; it’s an immersive audiovisual journey that takes you through 7 separate stages from your head to your heart. During your visit, all your senses will be stimulated and you will be taken to a deeper level of consciousness. Daarnaast heeft het museum ook nog een fantastische bar waar je na je bezoek onder het genot van een cocktail kunt na genieten van de ervaring.

The Upside Down

This is the largest social media museum in Amsterdam, where the world is literally turned upside down! In this unique museum, rooms have been created that will literally blow your mind. In addition to the unique experience, the museum also offers the opportunity to take many ‘instagrammable’ photos. The Upside Down experience offers a mind-expanding adventure that inspires you to create, dream, and have fun like never before.

Fabrique des Lumières

In this unique museum, art comes to life. With exhibitions featuring artists like Gaudí, the greatest artists in history are honored through visuals and sound. Located in the historic Westergasfabriek, this is the perfect place to broaden your artistic horizons and enjoy this unique art experience.

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