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Hotels in Rotterdam & Delft

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Two different, but equally interesting, Dutch cities

Hotels in Rotterdam or Delft

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Our friendly local hotel staff knows all about Rotterdam and Delft! They’ll give you insider tips on what to visit and where to find it.

You could even visit both cities on your trip. They are only 15 minutes apart

What is your Dutch city trip bucket list?


  • Historic or contemporary art

    Discover the works of Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals or exciting new artists

  • Cycling

    If you can't beat them, join them! Just be careful... Dutch cyclists move fast

  • Brown café

    Dive into an authentic little bar and try a Dutch liqueur

  • Bitterballen

    The world famous Dutch meatballs, best enjoyed with a Heineken Beer

  • Canal cruise (Delft) | Watertaxi (Rotterdam)

    See the city from a different point of view

  • Cheese

    Gouda, Edam, Leerdam, Beemster.. just have your pick. Or have them all!

  • Shopping

    Shop souvenirs, discover cute boutiques or go for the big brands and exclusive shopping. It's all there!

  • Explore the city

    Walk along canals, cute little alleys, historic buildings or modern architecture

  • Try Indonesian Rijstafel

    The Netherlands is famous for its adopted Indonesian cuisine

Destination Rotterdam

Often dubbed as ‘Manhattan on the Meuse’, thanks to modern architecture and – relatively – high buildings.


Discover Rotterdam

Destination Delft

Delft, some call it little Amsterdam, due its beautiful canals and historic buildings.


Discover Rotterdam

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