General hotel information

General hotel information

You can ask our reception staff for information. Enter 9 on the telephone in the apartment. The reception is open from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. The night porter is present after closing the reception. He can also be reached via key 9 on the telephone in the apartment.

Check-in & Check-out
We ask you to leave the apartment at 10 a.m. and check out at the reception. For reservations and costs of a late check-out, you can contact the reception.

Breakfast can be booked at the reception the night before. The breakfast buffet is from 8 a.m. to 10 a.m. (in the weekend until 10:30 a.m.) in the restaurant. Sandwiches can also be ordered at the reception. If indicated in advance, the freshly baked bread rolls can be picked up at reception the following morning. Also on Sundays!

Room service
It is possible to order lunch and dinner in the apartment. The dishes can be ordered in the restaurant or at the reception. Fees apply for room service.

Direct contact
The reception can be reached by pressing 9 on the telephone. Room to room: key 1 (followed by the room number)

Luggage transport
In cooperation with Rijwielverhuur Tijs Knop we offer free luggage transport. If you wish to use the luggage service, you can hang a luggage tag on your luggage. These labels are available at the reception. If the bicycles are rented from another bicycle rental company, that company must provide this service. Baggage must be on the cart before 10.45 am, the baggage cart is at the rear of the hotel.
The luggage can be picked up at the luggage depot of Rijwielverhuur Tijs Knop (opposite the port on Terschelling).
Bicycle rental Zeelen: 0562 44 81 65
Bicycle rental Haantjes: 0562 44 29 29

Phone numbers

Doctor and pharmacy
Terschelling West GP practice (Duintuin 3): 0562 44 21 81 – 0562 44 33 33 emergency
GPs and Pharmacy Midsland (Westerdam 31): 0562 44 87 03 – 0562 44 82 22 emergency
Homecare “The Frisian Land”: 0900 88 64 (24 hours a day)

Practice Midsland (Westerburen 12) – J. van der Meijden: 0562 44 94 44
Practice West-Terschelling (Torenstraat 52A) – L.F. Nater: 0562 44 29 35

Veterinary practice Midsland (Westerdam 12). Telephone number for information and agreements: 0562 44 9363

Law enforcement
No emergency but you need the police ?: 0900 8844. In case of emergency you call 112.

Safety instructions

Emergency exit
The emergency exits are permanently lit and are clearly indicated. There are emergency exits and flight schedules on every floor. In the event of an emergency, be particularly calm and immediately notify the reception by calling button 9.

In an emergency, it is possible that the hotel must be evacuated. Always follow the instructions of the staff during an evacuation.

In the event of a fire, always contact the reception (key 9). If possible, try to extinguish the fire yourself using the fire blanket that is present in each apartment. Or extinguish the fire using the fire hose that hangs in the hotel corridor. OWN SAFETY FIRST!

An AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is available at the reception. In the event of an emergency, it can be used by the in-house emergency response staff.

In the room

Adapters can be borrowed at the reception.

Baby bed
It is possible to use a baby bed. For additional costs and reservations, contact the reception.

Bed linen
For extra pillows, duvets or bed linen you can contact the reception.

It is possible to order flowers. These will be delivered to our reception.

DVD players can be reserved at the reception.

Rate your stay. There is a survey form in the apartment. In addition, comments or comments can be posted. Data regarding the valuations and comments are registered anonymously, so that we can work on an even better service and quality.

All apartments have a hairdryer. This is located in the closet in the bedroom where the beds are put together.

Your apartment will be provided with fresh towels every other day. Only the towels that are on the floor are exchanged for clean towels. This in connection with care for the environment.

The apartments do not have a safe. Valuables can be handed in at the reception. These are then stored in a special safe for the property of guests. Please note: not all staff can enter this safe, which means the items cannot be reached 24/7

Other information

There are waste containers at the rear of the hotel. Please only deposit closed bags. New garbage bags can be collected at the reception.

Lost and found
Lost items are kept at the reception.

Pets are only allowed on request with us. There are special apartments where pets are allowed. For reservations and costs you can go to the reception.

If you want to use the housekeeping service, contact the reception.

Newspapers can be purchased at the reception. Due to the boat times and delivery service, the newspapers are available at the hotel from around 12.30.

Night porter
At night, a night porter is present in case of emergencies or emergencies. Contact us by pressing button 9 on the apartment telephone or on the telephone at the reception desk. Our night porter will talk to you and, if necessary, arrive at the hotel as soon as possible. In the event of an emergency, always call 112.

Night lock
At night, our front door goes on night lock. In the summer this is around 10 p.m. and in the winter around 9 p.m. The front door can be opened with the keycard. If the door does not open, contact our night porter via the device at the front door.

ApartHotel Boschrijck is a non-smoking hotel. Smoking is therefore not permitted anywhere in the building. Smoking is permitted on the outside terrace. When smoking is detected at the hotel, a cleaning fine of € 175.00 will be charged.

The reception has various toiletries in stock, such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, etc.

Laundry service
ApartHotel Boschrijck offers the possibility to use the laundry facilities. The washing machine and dryer work on euro coins. In the laundry there is an ironing board with an iron.

Wake-up service
You can request a “wake up call” at the reception from 8 a.m. (In the winter months from 9 a.m.)