General hotel information

Our front desk staff is at your disposal for providing information. After the reception closes (10 p.m.), our Night Manager is available for emergencies, he can be reached at No. 9 on the phone. This number can also be dialed on the telephone at the reception until 10 pm.

Open daily from 7:00 am – 10:00 pm

Check-in & check-out
Check in starts at 4:00 pm. If we have rooms available it is possible to check in early. Due to the set ferry times we kindly ask you to leave your room before 10:00 am on the day of your departure. Late check out times are possible based on availability, the costs for a late check-out are € 49.50. Kindly inform at the front desk.

Payment procedure
The hotel check must be met at check out. We accept cash, pin and most major credit cards. Please keep in consideration that the check out can be very busy in the morning. If you wish to pay your check quietly we advise you to do this the evening before you check out.

Breakfast is from Monday to Friday from 7am to 10am. On Saturday and Sunday breakfast is until 10:30 am.

Luggage transport
It is possible to have your luggage brought to a luggage depot at the harbour. This service is offered to you by bicycle rental Tijs Knop. Luggage labels are available at the front desk. Luggage for guest departing on the 12:30, 1:30 and 3:45 pm. ferry must be on the baggage car before 10:45 am. Your luggage will not be put on the ferry! You need to pick this up at the Tijs Knop luggage depot.

The hotel can not be held accountable for theft, damaged or missing luggage.

There is a telephone available in your room. Telephone costs will automatically be charged to your room.

  • Front desk: 9
  • Outside line: 0 + telephone number (for a fee)
  • Other hotel room: 2 + roomnumber
  • Emergency: 0 112
  • Doctor: 0 442181 (West Terschelling) Emergency/weekend: 0 443333
  • Police: 058-8807410
  • Rederij Doeksen: 0900-3635736

Additional information

The main entrance and the entrance in the parking garage are opened during the day. From 10:00 pm onwards the entrances will be closed for non-hotel guests. In case you wish to leave the hotel please bring your keycard with you. With this card you can open both entrances. Please keep the keycard away from your mobile phone.

At request, ashtrays are available at the front desk. Due to the high flammability of our surroundings we ask you to be extra careful when extinguishing your cigarettes and cigars. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in your room.

Car rental
Car rentals can be arranged at the front desk.

Baby cot
A baby cot is available (for a fee)

The front desk can arrange a babysitter for you. The costs are € 10,- per hour. We are dependent on the availability of the babysitter (for a fee).

Luggage transport
On request we can bring your luggage to your room.

Roof terrace
The roof terrace is situated on the sixth floor.

Bicycle rental
Bicycles can be rented at the front desk. All bicycles have hand brakes and 7 gears. De bicycle rent for one day is €8,50 and € 7,- for multiple days. We do not have children’s bicycles but these can be rented at Tijs Knop bicycle rent near the harbour.

You can park your bicycle in the parking garage which is accessible on the seaside of the hotel. There is also a parking possibility in front of the hotel.

Blow dryer
There is a blow dryer in your room’s wardrobe.

Considering the environment; towels will only be changed when they are on the floor.

Pets are not allowed in the hotel, with exception of our restaurant.

A free wifi connection is available throughout the hotel. There is a computer in the lobby near the cloakroom which you can use.

A safe is present at every hotel room. The hotel can not be held accountable for loss of valuables left in your room.

Newspapers, postcards and maps
National newspapers arrive at midday, dependent on the arrival of the ferry. Postcards and maps are available at the front desk.

Night duty
Due to the quiet area the hotel is in our front desk is unstaffed during the night. There is always a ‘sleeping’ member of staff on night duty. We kindly ask you to consider this between 10 pm and 7 am. For urgent matters you can always reach the night duty.

Umbrellas can be borrowed at the reception

Mail and other messages
Incoming messages per mail, phone, fax or email will be delivered to you as soon as possible. Outgoing mail can be dropped off at the front desk; we will then mail it for you.

Non-smoking policy
According to Dutch law banning smoking in bars, restaurants and hotels as per july 1st 2008, our hotel is a non-smoking area. We kindly ask you to follow these rules. In case you do smoke we will charge €100,- additional cleaning costs. Smoking is only allowed outside the hotel.

In case you wish to make use of a taxi service please contact the front desk or contact Taxi Bakker via 0562-442222.

Laundry and ironing
On the 1st floor laundry machines can be used be our guest. A coin and detergent can be bought for €0,50 at the front desk. In case you wish to make use of an iron, we have one available for you at the front desk.

Laundry and ironing service
We also provide a laundry and ironing service. Per service your clothes will be delivered to your room within 2 hours (between 08.00 A.M. and 20.00 P.M.). A laundry bag and pricelist can be found in your room’s wardrobe.

Wake-up service
If you wish to receive a wake-up call kindly let our front desk know before 9:00 pm.

Forgot something?
The front desk can supply you with, for instance, a toothbrush and toothpaste, razors and shaving cream or a deck of cards.