General hotel information

Our reception staff is available to answer all of your questions during the day. In the evening our Duty Manager is your point of contact, ou can reach him or her by telephone in your room. Dial 9 to call the reception.

Reception is present from 07.30 A.M. until 23.00 P.M. In the winter period on Sunday until Thursday the reception is present until 22.00 P.M.

Duty Manager: available from 23.00 P.M.

Check in

Check-in time is from 16.00 P.M. onwards. If we already have rooms available, it is possible to check in earlier.


We kindly request you leave your room before 10.00 A.M. on the date of departure. You can also pay the bill the night before departure at the reception.

This helps us to guarantee that all our guests can check in at 16.00 P.M. Late check-outs may be possible depending on the occupancy of the hotel. Please request this at reception. The costs are €29,- for a hotel room and €39,- for a family suite or apartment.


Breakfast is served between 08.00 A.M. and 10.00 A.M. On Saturday, Sunday and during school holidays it is possible to have breakfast until 10.30 A.M.

Luggage transport

On the day of departure, it is possible to transport your luggage to the ferry. This is free of charge.  Please use a luggage tag and place your luggage on the luggage car outside. Luggage tags are available at the reception.

Luggage for the ferry departing at 12:00 P.M. must be placed before 9:30 A.M. on the luggage car outside. For other ferries place your luggage on the luggage car before 14:30 hours. For the normal state ferry your luggage is waiting for you at the luggage car in Harlingen.

Please note: For the express service, your luggage is not automatically placed on the fast ferry. You need to pick up your luggage from the luggage car and bring it on board with you. The hotel is not responsible for this service.

Roomservice & Restaurants

See Restaurants & Bars

Phone numbers

A telephone is available in the room. The costs are € 0.30 per tick. These are automatically added to the room bill.

Reception: 9

Outside line: 0

Other hotel room: 1 + room number

Emergency number: 0 112

General practitioner: 0 0562 45 1307

Police: 0 058 – 8807410 (you will be automatically redirected)

Shipping company Doeksen: 0 088 – 9000888

Information: 0 0900-8008 (domestic) 0 0900-8418 (foreign)

Country codes can be requested at the reception


Dine in peace? It is possible to arrange childcare via the reception. Pass this on time at the reception.


The main entrance of the hotel is open all day. The reception is no longer staffed from 23:00. When leaving the hotel and returning after 11 p.m., do not forget to bring the room key.

Bicycle storage

Bicycles can be placed in the bicycle shed opposite the pool. There are also charging points for the e-bike here.

Bicycle rental

Bicycle rental vouchers are available at the reception. The hotel cooperates with Fietsverhuurbedrijf Van Zeelen and offers a 10% discount on bicycle rental. The discount vouchers can be handed in at Van Zeelen in the village street number 2.


The hotel has four hotel rooms and six suites available for guests with a pet. The costs are € 25,- per pet per night. In the room we place a bench / basket, feeders and a rug / mat.

Forget something?

A number of things are available at the reception such as a toothbrush and paste, a razor blade and foam.


A wireless network is available throughout the hotel. The network name is “WestCordSeeduyn”. No password is required and use of the network is free of charge.

Postcards & Map Vlieland

There is are postcards and the map of Vlieland available at the reception.

Night porter

Due to the quiet location of the hotel, our reception is unmanned at night, but there is always a “sleeping” porter service. Take this into account between midnight and 7:00 am. For really urgent matters, contact can be made by calling number 9 from the room / apartment.

Postal and other messages

Incoming messages by post, telephone, fax or e-mail will be passed on as soon as possible. Outgoing mail can be delivered to the reception, we will ensure that the mail is sent.

Fuel oil

After a walk on the beach it is possible that fuel oil remains on shoes. At the entrances of WestCord Strandhotel Seeduyn you can find means to clean the shoes.

Taxi / TukTuk

The reception will gladly arrange a Taxi or TukTuk.


There is a guest laundry on the ground floor. A washing coin is available at the reception for € 5.00. The detergent is added automatically. For the dryer a coin of € 0.50 is required. It is also possible to have the laundry taken care of by us. A laundry bag with accompanying price list can be found in the wardrobe in the room / in the apartment.

Wake-up service

Wake up by phone? A “wake up call” can be passed on to our reception.

Room key

The room key that is handed in at check in is a magnetic card. This must be returned at check out. When leaving the room, the door always falls into the lock, so take the pass with you when leaving the room. We can provide a maximum of 4 key cards per room / apartment.

The room key is included in a guest pass. This guest pass contains a number of accommodation details as well as some concise hotel information. The guest pass is also important if something has to be credited to the room bill. Then the pass must be shown and the bill must be signed.


Payment procedure

The hotel bill must be paid on check out. Payment is possible with cash, pin, American Express, Eurocard / Mastercard and Visa. In the morning it can be very busy during the check out (due to the fixed boat times). That is why it is handy to settle the bill the night before.


Guests staying in an apartment can use the waste container at the entrance to the apartment complex. Please only place closed bags in the container. New garbage bags are available at the reception.


The apartment will be delivered clean upon arrival. We appreciate it if the apartment is left in good condition on departure. The garbage must be deposited in the appropriate containers and the kitchen inventory must be clean.

Evening service

Contact the reception for extra towels and / or bathrobes. However, there are costs involved.

Baby bed

If a baby bed is desirable, we will gladly bring it to the room. Contact the reception for this. The costs are € 10 per night.

Extra sheet, blankets and pillows

Extra pillow and / or an extra comforter are available at the reception. We will then ensure that it is brought to the room. Cushions are available in various types.


The hotel rooms are cleaned every day, apartments are cleaned once a week and fresh towels are provided every other day.

Shoe polishes

There is a shoe shine machine at the toilets on the ground floor in the main building.


In both buildings there is a laundry and ironing service on the ground floor. These are open all day.

In the room

Conduct rules for apartments (Medium – Large – Extra Large)

A number of rules of conduct apply to the apartments in WestCord Strandhotel Seeduyn. These can be read here (Dutch).

Air conditioning (apartments medium)

The apartments medium are equipped with an air conditioner. View the manual here (Dutch).


Every room has a hair dryer, this is present in the bathroom or is in the cupboard in the room. If it is not present, it can be collected at the reception.


If the room is not equipped with a safe, valuables can be stored in the safe at the reception. The hotel cannot be held liable for the loss of valuables and securities left in the hotel room or apartment.


There is a television in the room. The following channels can be received:

The Netherlands 1
The Netherlands 2
The Netherlands 3
Just 5
Omrop Fryslân
TV North
TV Drenthe
TV East
TV Gelderland
TV Zeeland
France 24
BBC World
Super RTL
Pro Sieben
Cable Eins
N 24
France 24 English
TV5 Monde
Russia Today
Reason Record
Al Jazeera English
NHK World
CCTV French