For a better world

Attention to sustainability

WestCord Hotels is committed to sustainability

A healthy planet for future generations

Green Key is the international quality mark for sustainable companies in the recreation, leisure and business market. Both companies and individuals are increasingly aware of climate change, pollution, the extinction of animal species and the influence we have on this for the preservation of our planet. Of course we all want to leave a healthy planet for future generations.

WestCord Hotels therefore makes conscious choices to make a positive contribution to this by taking various sustainable steps in its hotels.

The WestCord Hotels are certified with a Golden Green Key. Companies that have a Green Key certification are seriously and verifiably engaged in sustainability, corporate social responsibility and care for the environment, the company and their surroundings.

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CSR Statement

We see it as our duty not only to provide our services to the best of our ability, but also to provide them in a responsible manner. That means with an eye for people, the environment and society.

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Golden Green Key

All WestCord Hotels are Green Key certified and are serious and verifiable about sustainability, CSR and care about promoting a healthy planet for future generations.

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We have listed a number of unique examples!

Sustainable company clothing

Sustainable corporate clothing, designed by the fashion label By Rockland | HACKED by. Made from residual materials from the largest brands in the world.

Regional products

Nature on the Wadden Islands is full of goodies and regional products are better for the environment. You will find many island products at our own hotels.

Bee hotel

City Center Hotel Amsterdam has a real bee hotel on the roof; the world cannot live without bees! In addition, the honey is served with breakfast. In addition, we have several insect hotels in different locations.

WestCord clean ups

Every month there are various clean-ups at different hotels. Colleagues and local residents are joining forces to clear the area of ​​waste for an hour.


Oysters are collected at Hotel New York for the WWF ‘Helpen met Shells’ project. The empty shells are the perfect bottom for new oysters.

Too Good To Go

WestCord Hotel Delft participates in the Rabobank Food Waste Challenge and collaborates with Too Good To Go to combat food waste.

Clean drinking water for everyone

WestCord offers refillable water bottles, in partnership with Made Blue. Each 500ml bottle provides 50 liters of clean drinking water in developing countries.

Natural warmth

Heat pumps ensure that our heating comes from natural sources. For example, from the air and the ground. This way, none of the heat is lost!


In the bathrooms you will find our own ecological amenity line. Paraben-free, chemical-free and not tested on animals. And it smells delicious too!

Let that sun shine!

Many of our hotels are equipped with solar panels. Added together, we have almost an entire football field of solar panels on our roofs!

Coffee grounds

The Market Hotel Groningen uses coffee grounds as a breeding ground to grow oyster mushrooms. These oyster mushrooms are used to make croquettes that are served in the restaurant.


WellCome Wellness

Each wellness location offers a relaxing environment, but personal attention and the use of natural products are central.

Sustainability measures

View per hotel which sustainability measures are used and how they contribute to a healthy world!