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To Harlingen

By car

Harlingen is located on the A7 Antwerp-Breda-Rotterdam-The Hague-Amsterdam-Afsluitdijk-HARLINGEN-Leeuwarden-Groningen motorway. On the ring road around Harlingen, the ANWB signs indicate the “Harlingen-Havens” exit. Cars are not allowed on Vlieland. For information about parking in Harlingen, visit

With public transport

There are direct bus connections with Harlingen-Haven from Alkmaar, Leeuwarden and Heerenveen. Not all services match the departure times of the boats. If you travel by train, you travel to Leeuwarden CS where you have to transfer to Harlingen-Haven. For more information about travel and departure times, you can call: 0900-9292 or go to or

Begin your journey in peace? Or missed the boat?

It’s only a 20 minute trip from our WestCord WTC Hotel in Leeuwarden to Harlingen Haven. Book our special pre-overnight rates. Ask about the possibilities via 058 – 233 49 00 or by e-mail:

Park your car in Harlingen

Parking garage on the Wadden Promenade

This parking garage is located in front of the ferry terminal of Rederij Doeksen. Price for 24-hour: from €6,20 per day + €3,10 per night. For more information you can call 0517-420103 or visit

Tjerk Hiddes car park

The parking area is on the Harlingerstraatweg, exit “De Witte Kas”. Prics start at €4,10 per day. It is not possible to reserve a spot. From the parking lot it is a 10 minute walk to the boat. Parking on this site is at your own risk, it is guarded from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., at night there is regular monitoring by the Frisian security service. For information you can call 0517-413527 or visit

De Stenenman car park

The parking garage is located at Westerzeedijk 5. They offer 24-hour security. Covered parking €5 per calendar day, outside parking €4 per calendar day. Free shuttle service to the boat. More info:

The crossing to Vlieland

Shipping company Doeksen takes care of the crossing to Vlieland with the ferry “MS Vlieland” or the fast ferry MS Koegelwieck. We recommend that you reserve your boat ticket in advance. This can be done by telephone on 0900-3635736 (€ 0.10 per minute) or online via It is also possible to buy the boat tickets at the counter. Given the walking distance from the parking places, we recommend that you arrive in Harlingen on time and first unload your luggage at the Doeksen departure hall.

The ferries

With the MS Vlieland ferry you can sail to Vlieland in about 90 minutes. There is a self-service buffet on the boat. The fast ferry MS Koegelwieck has a sailing time of 45 minutes, provided that it sails directly to Vlieland. Some services go via Terschelling, sailing time around 80 minutes. There is no restoration on the MS Koegelwieck, nor is it permitted to consume food or drinks.

Sailing to Vlieland

It is also possible to make a sailing trip to Vlieland with the sailing boat El Galante. You will have to take into account a longer travel time, but you will experience a very special crossing! Visit for more information.

Exclusive transportation

Get transported exclusively to and from the island with WestCord’s own ship: the WestCord Seatender.

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Book your stay for the best rate guaranteed!

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