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Travel info Strandhotel Seeduyn op Vlieland

Directions Strandhotel Seeduyn

You walk through the main street, at the educational center ‘The Noordwester’ you turn right on Kerkplein, between ‘The Armhuys’ and the church, straight across the Badweg through the woods to the beach. In about 25 minutes you are at Strandhotel Seeduyn.

Luggage transport

Luggage transport from the ferry to the hotels is provided by Bicycle Rental Company Zeelen. On busy days there is a baggage car in Harlingen. The baggage car is recognizable by the yellow color with the name of the hotel. You can place your luggage in the car in Harlingen. Upon arriving on Vlieland this car is directly brought from the ferry to the hotel. If there is no baggage car yet ready in Harlingen, then upon arrival at Vlieland you can deliver the luggage on the causeway to ‘Zeelen’. Also again recognizable by the yellow color.

On the day of departure the luggage may again be transported free of charge to the ferry. For luggage tags and information about luggage transportation to the express service, please contact our reception staff.

Transporting luggage at your own risk. We recommend placing no precious and/or fragile luggage on the luggage carts.

Transport on Vlieland

Bicycle rentals

Bicycle Rental Company Zeelen grants all WestCord Hotels guests 10% discount on the rent and also there is no need to pay a deposit. The cost for the bike rental will be directly booked at your hotel bill. If you already have reserved a bike in advance, you will receive a voucher which you can use at the bicycle rental company. If you have not reserved a bike yet, you can also show your reservation confirmation and rent bikes at the same conditions. Check for special needs. The bike rental is located on Dorpsstraat 2. From the ferry 100 meters left towards the village, right past the dike.

By bus

The public bus is at the causeway at the boat arrival. As a guest of our hotels you can use it for free by showing your confirmation. During your stay on Vlieland you can show your guest card, which you receive upon arrival, for free use of public transport by bus.

By taxi

Taxis are located next to the public buses on the causeway. The taxis can not be reserved in advance. Within 5 minutes you are at the hotel. TCR Vlieland: 0562-451222 or Taxi Langeloo: 0652711722.

General travel info Vlieland

Strandhotel Seeduyn

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