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Hotel de Wadden

Route description Hotel de Wadden

After you get off the ferry, turn left towards the Dorpsstraat. After approximately 500 meters you will find Hotel de Wadden on your left.

Hotel de Wadden


Luggage & bicycles

Luggage transport

Don’t want to carry your luggage yourself? Leave the luggage at one of the carts of luggage transport company Zeelen before departure (recognizable by the yellow color with ‘Hotel de Wadden’ on it). No cart ready in Harlingen? Then drop off your luggage at one of the carts upon arrival at Vlieland. The luggage will then be brought to Hotel de Wadden for free. This also applies for the way back! For more information and luggage labels you can go to the reception of Hotel de Wadden. Transporting luggage is at your own risk. We recommend that you do not place expensive and/or fragile pieces of luggage on the luggage trolleys.

Transportation on Vlieland

  • Bus

    The bus is located at the ferry dam on arrival of the boat. As a WestCord Hotels guest, you can use the bus for free on presentation of your confirmation, also during your further stay (on presentation of your guest pass).

  • Taxi

    Taxis are located near the public buses at the ferry dam. Taxis cannot be reserved in advance. Within 5 minutes you are at the hotel. TCR Vlieland: 0562-451222 or Taxi Langeloo: 06-52711722.