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The Lounge is located in the heart of the building, right next to our subtropical garden designed by the Botanical Garden of…

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Malabar (mezzanine level)

Time to celebrate? If you’re looking for a unique event location for your birthday, product launch or other…

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Boardroom Reuchlin

The Boardroom Reuchlin is one of the former rooms of the board of the Holland America Line. It was named after Otto…

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Queen's Lounge

From the spacious Queen's Lounge you have a beautiful view over the city of Rotterdam and the harbour. This room used to be…

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Tuschinski I

The Tuschinski 1 room is situated at the back of Hotel New York, facing the Rhine harbour. This room has approximately the…

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The Bibliotheek is situated at the back of Hotel New York, facing the Maas. It’s a medium-sized, warm, colourful room with…

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Sky Room

The Sky Room is located on the highest deck of the ss Rotterdam. This spacious room is very light because of the large…

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Sun Room

The Sun Room was used to give the second-class passengers of the ss Rotterdam a view on the Sports Deck. Today, this light…

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Smoking Room

The former smoking area of the ss Rotterdam offers breathtaking views over the port and skyline of Rotterdam. In order to…

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Ambassador Lounge

The Ambassador Lounge is a very special room, especially because the round dance floor in the middle: a wooden frame with…